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Where can erection improving pills, or the so called "sex pills" be found?

There is only one reliable way to find safe sex pills, and this is the pharmacy. The pills of the PDE5 group, also known as the orange pill, the blue pill, the weekend pill, and the newest pill of this group now available on the Bulgarian market – the sex pill of Bayer, which dissolves in the mouth in seconds and has a mint taste, are sold on prescription by the general practitioner or a specialist in sexual medicine. Once you have a prescription, the only safe place where you can buy these pills is the pharmacy. Any other way is not reliable and can even put your health in danger.

Warning! Fake sex pills

When needing a sex pill, many people prefer to buy it on the internet, in the local fitness club, the disco or from someone they know in order to avoid any embarrassment at the pharmacy or consulting a doctor. Any such channels, however, guarantee high probability of being supplied with a fake product which can seriously damage your health. These fake medicines may contain harmful substan-ces, or substances other than those described in the leaflet. It is also likely that they do not contain an active substance at all.

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Furthermore, in the pharmacy you can receive professional consultation by a pharmacist on the variety of sex pills, as well as recommendations on the most appropriate for you, in the most appropriate dosage.